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Episode 11: My Sibling's Journey to Defining Their Gender Identity Dear Shenny

My sibling was born female but does not identify as male nor female. They use the they/them pronoun and identifies as non-binary. This episode is a conversation between my sibling and me, focusing on their journey in figuring out their gender identity and sexual orientation, and the internal conflicts and the challenges they've had to deal with when it relates to their gender.   New episodes will be posted every Thursday.  Instagram: @_DearShenny Blog: shenyunwu.com Email: DearShenny@gmail.com — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dearshenny/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dearshenny/support
  1. Episode 11: My Sibling's Journey to Defining Their Gender Identity
  2. Episode 10: My Inferiority Complex from Comparing
  3. Episode 9: From My Financial Woe to My Financial Win
  4. Episode 8: My Relationship with Sex
  5. Episode 7: How Feeling Unworthy Kept Me in Bad Relationships

Episode 0: The Beginning
Shares with you why I started the blog and podcast, and also my ultimate goal with this practice.

Episode 1: Choose Yourself
It’s easy to put others’ needs before yours when you’re empathetic and caring, but choosing yourself does not make you selfish.

Episode 2: Own Your Insecurity
When we are challenged with our insecurity, it can be debilitating, but there are ways we can reframe our mindset so we are less impacted by it.

Episode 3: When You Are Not Kind
When you’re trying to be accommodating by saying yes, you put yourself in a situation you don’t want to be in, which can actually be an unkind gesture that doesn’t serve yourself or others.

Episode 4: My Body Image Struggles
I’ve struggled with my body image since at least middle school. It got to an extreme when I was in high school when I developed an eating disorder. This is my story and also the coping mechanisms and ways to talk to yourself to build a positive body- and self- image for you and those around you.

Episode 5: My Marriage and Divorce
My marriage and divorce still make me emotional even after 3 years since our separation, but I also discovered that my journey to living authentically started the day I took the courage to end the marriage.

Episode 6: My Upbringing with(out) My Mom
My childhood appeared picture perfect from the outside, but on the inside, it was messy and my mom was often absent. This episode shares with you how that was like for me, how I felt then, and also how I feel now after reflecting and practicing empathy. 

Episode 7: How Feeling Unworthy Kept Me in Bad Relationships
My mom shared her relationship struggles with me, and I see parallels between my experience and her’s. In between the parallels, are red flags of our lack of self-worth that allows other people to treat us as if we are less than. In this episode, I share some of the shared experiences and also learnings I’ve gained on how to exercise my self-worth.

Episode 8: My Relationship with Sex
Growing up, sex was a conversation my family never talked about. While it shielded us from the messy parts of it, it also created a stigma that impacted my view and relationship with it. This stigma ultimately impacted my sexual experiences and also my relationships. Besides sharing how the stigma came about, and how it impacted my relationships, I also share how I feel a healthy view on sex for ourselves should look like. 

Episode 9: My Financial Woe to my Financial Win
This episode covers how I created $30,000 in credit card debt for myself, and the methods I used to pay down the credit card debt as well as $20,000 of student loans, in 18 months. I hope that my story will empower each of us to take control our finances. 

Episode 10: My Inferiority Complex from Comparing
I have an inferiority complex, particularly in the work and school setting. I am always trying to prove to myself that I am worthy of my role, and that I am an equal to the students in my cohort. This episode shares the settings in which I feel less-than and leaves you with some actions that you and I can take when these feelings arise. 

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