My Inferiority Complex from Comparing

When was the last time you compared yourself to others? When you compare, do you compare yourself to people who are better or worse than you are? What feelings come up after you’ve made the comparisons? The last time I compared myself with other people was just last week when I saw an old colleague […]

From My Financial Woe to My Financial Win

I’d like to empower my readers to strive for financial independence. I’ve known since a young age that I needed to be financially independent so I am not dependent on anyone for the sake of money, but I didn’t learn to properly manage my spending until the last year or so. Financial independence can mean […]

My Relationship with Sex

Growing up, we didn’t talk about sex in my family. We didn’t see my parents kiss or show affection. When there are sex scenes on movies, we awkwardly cover our eyes or make gawking noises to show our disapproval. One time my dad jokingly grabbed my mom’s butt and breast. It scarred me for life. […]

How Feeling Unworthy Kept Me in Bad Relationships

After my last post on my upbringing without my mom, I connected with my mom. I expressed my resentment toward her absence when we were growing up, but also shared that I have an inkling that she may have been going through struggles and conflicts that made it difficult for her to show up as […]

My Upbringing with(out) My Mom

I grew up without a mom. I have a mom, but she was absent. If she wasn’t sleeping, she would leave home for a week or a month at a time. Don’t ask me where she went. I have no idea. When we lived in Taiwan, we relied on Mcdonald’s and favors from extended family […]


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